Operation Triumph Military Program

Military families may experience many unique challenges to their family dynamic. Palmetto Summerville Behavioral Health is offering a specialized military program for males, females, children and teens ages 7 – 20 years old.

For families in the military, the challenges of changes that occur frequently, such as deployments, relocations and other mental health diagnoses can cause a great affect for family members. These changes in family life can result into complex emotional, behavioral and psychiatric symptoms for children and teens.

The military program at Palmetto Summerville Behavioral Health addresses mental health needs with trauma-informed programming. Patients are thoroughly evaluated by a psychiatrist and a customized treatment plan is established to promote emotional development. Therapeutic treatment can change unhealthy behaviors and give children and teens the best chance for a successful and brighter future.

The therapists at our mental health facility are licensed in their specialties and have wide ranges of experiences working with the military as a whole and the situations that are particular for military families.

The assessment and services are provided in an effort to give military families the support and resources needed to rebuild their family unit. Within this model, our licensed staff will evaluate and assess the youth in areas of mental and behavioral health, as well as, conduct a through medication assessment and stabilization of medications in a controlled, supportive environment.

The military program at Palmetto Summerville Behavioral Health offers intensive family therapy to address family issues to reunify family and preserve the family environment.

For more information on Operation Triumph Military Program or to make a referral, please contact our office at 843-851-5015 or toll free 855-849-6274.

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