Inpatient Treatment

Palmetto Summerville Behavioral Health offers the following inpatient treatment for children, teens and young adults, ages 7-21.

Operation Triumph Military Program

Palmetto Summerville Behavioral Health offers a specialized military program for male and female children and adolescents ages 7-18 years.

Starter Program

Palmetto Summerville Behavioral Health offers a short-term assessment to assist the patient and his or her family to develop a care plan with the clinical team. Core treatment issues are identified and a clear diagnostic profile is presented on or after the 25th day of admission by the clinical review team to the referral source, family, and other members of the youth’s support system.

Family Crisis Stabilization

We provide family crisis stabilization, designed to assist children, teens or young adults and their family in time of crisis. The treatment team works with the family to identify problems the patient and his or her family is facing and works to determine a care plan and strengthen the family unit.

Sexually Reactive Treatment

Our specially-trained clinicians are able to address sexually-reactive, behavioral, and affective disorders in children and teens. This program includes comprehensive diagnostic assessments, evaluation and multidisciplinary treatment planning, which focuses on an individualized treatment phased system. We strive to provide effective treatment with complete regard and respect for offense prevention and community safety in addition to the rights, welfare, cultural background and dignity of each resident. Palmetto Summerville Behavioral Health recognizes the need for this type of programming due to the consequences of sexually-reactive behavior and its persistence into adulthood.