Therapeutic Treatment

Residents move through a Behavior Management Level System, which reflects their internalized awareness and integrated growth. Each phase identifies key tasks and clinical interventions designed to produce specific outcomes and to bring about healthy change. Our Behavior Management Level System provides an overall framework for treatment and is designed to be flexible in order to meet the unique needs and time constraints of each individual.

Trauma Informed Care: Trauma-Focused Therapy

Palmetto Summerville Behavioral Health employees are trained and practice the Trauma Informed Care model of treatment. We also utilize Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Pathways Curriculum, as well as other therapeutic interventions as indicated. Treatment includes implementation of a professionally developed and supervised individual plan of care designed to achieve the patient’s discharge from the residential level of care.

We assess and provide therapy geared toward resolution of trauma-related issues. This is achieved through both individual and group processes that include education about trauma effects, identification of triggers, identification of patients’ needs in order to feel safe, teaching anxiety management skills, and identifying and practicing new coping skills.

Program Components include:

  • Evidence-based treatment model
  • Daily clinical treatment groups
  • Trauma focused treatment to address symptoms and issues related to Post Traumatic Stress

Inpatient Services

Starter Program

Designed to provide a proactive approach in assisting youth and their families in the development of a targeted care plan within 30 days, Palmetto Summerville Behavioral Health offers a short-term assessment.

Core treatment issues are identified and a clear diagnostic profile is presented on or after the 25th day of admission by the clinical review team to the referral source, family and other members of the youth’s support system. Recommendations are made for follow on care in order to increase the effectiveness of the subsequent service delivery and reduce the overall time a youth is separated from their family.

Family Crisis Stabilization

For children, teens, or young adults in crisis, Palmetto Summerville Behavioral Health offers a family crisis stabilization program to help aid families in the recovery process. We strive to give both the family and the patient the support and resources needed to help rebuild the family unit.

After Care

Through our Relapse Prevention Plan, we utilize Family support, education and family sessions as an integral part of any patient’s recovery and are also provided as part of the treatment regime. All patients will be provided with referrals and follow up appointments prior to discharge.

Sexually Reactive Treatment

We provide the expertise to address sexual reactive, behavioral and affective disorders. The program emphasizes comprehensive diagnostic assessments, evaluation and multidisciplinary treatment planning, which focuses on an individualized treatment phased system.

The program’s guiding principle is to provide effective specialized treatment with a total regard and respect for offense prevention and community safety in addition to the rights, welfare, cultural background and dignity of each resident.

The program further recognizes the need for the type of programming due to the consequences of sexually-reactive behavior and its persistence into adulthood.

Outpatient Services

Partial Hospitalization Program

Offered Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., our Partial Hospitalization Program for children and teens provides mental health treatment services in a structured, day setting environment. For program details, click here.