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Located in Summerville, South Carolina, just outside Charleston, Palmetto Summerville Behavioral Health is a residential treatment facility for children and adolescents, ages 7 to 21. We treat patients with a variety of behavioral health disorders using Trauma Informed Care.

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Palmetto Summerville provides a short-term assessment to assist youth, ages 7-21, and their families with the admissions process and the development of an individualized treatment plan.  Core clinical issues will be identified and recommendations for treatment are provided during the initial stages of placement. The plan is designed to increase the effectiveness of subsequent service delivery and reduce the overall period of time a youth is separated from their family.

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60 – 90-Day Crisis Stabilization

Palmetto Summerville provides short-term crisis stabilization and rapid intensive assessment for males and females, ages 7-21, who have disrupted a placement or need short-term focused treatment with recommendations for continued care, medication stabilization, and diagnostic evaluation.

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Adoption Preservation

We offer a 90-day Adoption Preservation program, which is designed to provide stabilization and intensive assessments for youth and children in hopes that adoptive and pre-adoptive homes can be preserved.

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Post-Adoption Disruption Stabilization

For males and females, ages 7-21, who have experienced disruptions from adoptive and pre-adoptive placements, Palmetto Summerville provides stabilization and intensive assessments. Services are tailored to help children following their loss by providing therapy focused on grief, trauma, anger, and abandonment.

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Multiple Specialty Areas

Palmetto Summerville Behavioral Health is always ready to offer the help and hope that you, your family, and your clients may need. To schedule an assessment or make a referral, please call (843) 851-5015.

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Palmetto Summerville Behavioral Health, located in Summerville, South Carolina is a residential treatment facility for girls and boys, ages 7-21, requiring a highly-structured, supervised therapeutic environment.